Eighth International School On Mind, Brain And Education

2013 July 30 - August 04

Science Education
in the Digital Era

Directors: Antonio M. Battro, Kurt W. Fischer and Diego Golombek
Program officer: María Lourdes Majdalani

Abstract: Kazuhide Ito
Kyushu University, JAPAN

The effects of indoor environmental quality on productivity
People spend in industrialized countries more than 90 % of their lives in indoor environment. In typical office buildings the cost of people is a factor 100 higher than building related costs including energy, which make the productivity of people at their work significantly more important than energy costs.
Recent many studies in offices and classrooms show the potential effects of indoor environmental quality on productivity and learning performance, and also indicate that comfortable room temperatures, increased ventilation rate and reduction of indoor pollution sources increase the productivity of workers and pupils.
Here, one of the examples of field intervention survey and climate chamber experiment for evaluating the effects of indoor environmental quality on worker’s or student’s performance will be adduced and I would like to discuss the relativity of architecture, indoor environment and science education from various perspectives.