About us

MBE. International School on Mind,
Brain and Education, Erice, Italia

Directors of the School:
Antonio M. Battro, MD, PhD (2005-present)
Academia Nacional de Educación, Argentina
Kurt W. Fischer, PhD (2005-2019)
Graduate School of Education, Harvard University
Sebastián J. Lipina, PhD (2018-present)
Unidad de Neurobiología Aplicada (UNA, CEMIC-CONICET)
Program Officer:
María Lourdes Majdalani, MEdu (2005-present)
Fundación Majdalani, Argentina


The broad goal of the International School on Mind, Brain and Education MBE is to catalyze research relating biology and cognitive science to education by bringing together junior and senior researchers from around the world to learn and think together about mind, brain and education.

The School will offer a wide spectrum of themes from major interdisciplinary trends in education related to the new neurocognitive sciences. The focus is on education, with the participants discussing how their research in different disciplines can contribute now or in the future to educational research and practice.

The School will open new ways for students and teachers to understand and apply advances in the neurocognitive sciences to the theory and practice of education. Simultaneously, it will raise new themes and questions from educational practice to be addressed in research by neurocognitive scientists.

The aim is to generate a circle of influence and dialogue between the neurocognitive sciences and the sciences of education.

The meeting of junior scientists of great potentiality with senior researchers of different disciplines will provide a rich and diverse international environment to promote the learning of new tools, concepts and methods and to the interchange of practices and ideas.

Educational practice needs the scientific basis of biology and cognitive science, and those sciences need to be grounded in real-life learning and teaching phenomena and questions.


Each year the School organizes a Course.
Participation by invitation.