Seventh International School On Mind, Brain And Education

2012 July 30 - August 4

Teaching: A New Frontier
of the Neurocognitive
Sciences, Education
and Culture

Directors: Antonio M. Battro and Kurt W. Fischer
Program officer: María Lourdes Majdalani

Abstract: Jiaxian Zhou
East China Normal University, Shanghai. CHINA

Culturally appropriate pedagogy: Evidence from neuroscience
With the increase of cultural diversity all over the world and the impact of globalization in recent decades, cultural sensitivity become important in education, and the concept of “culturally appropriate pedagogy,” which was advocated by UNESCO in various documents. Numerous evidences show that sustained exposure to culture experiences may change the brain structure and functions and affect the way how people process information. The plasticity of human brain and cognition sustains for the whole life. This sustained neuroplasticity is the basis of educability of human being. Thus understanding the universality and particularity of the neural basis for the influence of culture experiences is important for instruction.