Second International School On Mind, Brain And Education

2008, May 22-26

Basic and applied topics
in biological rhythms and learning

Directors: Antonio M. Battro and Kurt W. Fischer
Program officer: María Lourdes Majdalani

Abstract: Carla Gómez Monroy

One Laptop per child: global – local
OLPC means One Laptop per Child, a worldwide initiative, founded on the conviction that every child of the world must have total access to modern day information and communication technology (ICT), specifically by owning a multimedia laptop with wireless internet and the necessary software, connectivity, and support so that they can learn and develop individually and together with their community in a self-sustainable fashion.
Material resources are absolutely necessary to implement this initiative in a community. But just as important is contextualization and localization, that is, paying attention to each community's local culture, traditions, customs, vision, needs, and local resources, which requires an interdisciplinary approach that spans ICT knowhow as well as practical dexterity with ethnological, sociological, and constructionist education considerations. The idea being that each community must appropriate the project.
Collaboration, creation and communication are central concepts when the implementation begins in a country, and children, teachers, schools, and communities not only help each other within the same country but with other countries as well. For this to take place ways and synergies have to be developed.