Second International School On Mind, Brain And Education

2008, May 22-26

Basic and applied topics
in biological rhythms and learning

Directors: Antonio M. Battro and Kurt W. Fischer
Program officer: María Lourdes Majdalani

Abstract: Xavier Carcelle & Bastien Guerry
OLPC & École Normale Supérieure, COMPAS. FRANCE

The OLPC XO platform as the core of collaborative projects in France
The OLPC XO had been gathering the attention of several communities during the development of the grassroots initiative in each region and country. For instance, the XO had been the platform for several contributions and developments in the OpenSource community, the center of content projects nationwide (translation, adaptation of the software, customization ...) as well as the tool for collaborative educational projects around it. This talk will cover the example of OLPC France and the different initiative created around the XO.