Thirteenth International Summer School on Mind, Brain and Education

2018 October 16–20

Migrants and Refugees in the 21st Century: Children in and out of schools

Directors of the School:
Kurt W. Fischer, Antonio M. Battro and Sebastián J. Lipina
Director of the Course: Marcelo Suárez Orozco
Program Officer of the School: Lula Majdalani

Majdalani, María Lourdes
Fundación Majdalani (Argentina)

Maria Lourdes (Lula) Majdalani has a Degree in Political Science and International Relations from the Argentinian Catholic University (UCA), and a Master Degree in Education -concentration in Mind, Brain and Education- from Harvard University. She has directed the Center for Moral Development of the Majdalani Foundation for the past 20 years, an entity dedicated to research on the moral and emotional development of children, adolescents and adults. She co-designed the Values Project for children, a project designed to be implemented in the classroom by teachers. She has been a lecturer in workshops for teachers and parents on moral development and education. She wrote and published several articles on issues related to moral and emotional education. She runs the E-Classis virtual platform, meant to train teachers and parents on emotional issues, moral conflicts and educational practices. Since 2003, together with Dr. Antonio Battro, she has organized the Schools of IMBES - International Mind, Brain and Education Society - at the Ettore Majora Foundation and Centre for Scientific Culture, in Erice (Sicily) with scientists and educators from all over the world.