Eleventh International School on Mind, Brain and Education

2016 September 7–13

Dynamical Coupling:
From Brain-to-Brain to Social Interaction

Directors of the School: Antonio M. Battro and Kurt W. Fischer
Directors of the Course: Uri Hasson and Thalia Wheatley


Wednesday, 7 September

18.00: Reception dinner.

Thursday, 8 September
Early coupling and the emergence of communication

9.00 - 12.15: Antonio Battro, Thalia Wheatley and Uri Hasson: Opening remarks.
Scott Kelso and Linda Smith: Early coupling.
16.00 - 18.00: Bruno Galuntucci and Ivan Toni: Emergence of communication.

Friday, 9 September
Measuring coupling

9.00 - 12.15: Uri Hasson, Takahiko Koike, Norihiro Sadato and Jonathan Schooler: Emergence of communication: B2B coupling and decoupling.
16.00 - 18.00: Hideaki Koizumi, Yoshiki Niwa and Toshinori Miyoshi: B2B and AI.

Saturday, 10 September
Field trip to Segesta and Selinunte

19.00: Mark Mitton: The Magic behind B2B coupling.

Saturday, 11 September
Coupling in the wild

9.00 - 12.15: Sidney Strauss, Elena Pasquinelli and Mariano Sigman B2B coupling and education.
16.00 - 18.00: Christian Keysers and Uri Alon: Dynamical coupling in empathy and creative foraging.

Sunday, 12 September
Collective coupling

9.00 - 12.15: Hernan Makse, Alin Coman and Thalia Wheatley From neural networks to social networks.
16.00 - 18: General Discussion: emerging vision, thoughts on taxonomy/terminology, deep questions for future studies, pragmatics (how to help each other/grow the field), etc.

Monday, 13 September


Note: each speaker will have 40 minutes to make the formal presentation and another 20 minutes to discuss the presentation with the other participants.